Nom Nom Café

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Ren Xiaojiu loses her memory, and ends up in a place called Snow House where she meets five staff members. She stays to retrieve her lost memories and her story is revealed little by little...

Jungmin Choi is severely bullied in high school because of a fallout with her childhood best friend Joohyun Ha. Her only solace comes from tormenting Joohyun in her ‘lucid dreams’ where no one can disturb her.
One day, she meets a mysterious man in her lucid dream who offers her to get revenge on the people tormenting her…

After taking revenge on her abusive ex-boyfriend , she died and transmigrated as the heroine of the popular otome game "Rose Spiral". She found out that the targets who could be captured possessed evil intentions, approaching the female lead only to use her. The frozen heart of a reborn girl burns with hatred, and a revenge plan slowly unfolds. While attacking and taking revenge on the men, will she learn to love and be loved again?

I was struggling in life due to my looks but a demon comes up to me and gives me a tempting offer! I can make the look I want with one click? CUTE SEXY PURE LUXURY! Upgrade the states for the face and body I want?! But you see... I thought that by just becoming prettier will make my life happier... Is that not it?

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